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"Amazing!!! To sum it up in one word! When I see our photos, you can see the emotions and feelings of the bride and groom that day. That is the hardest thing to capture in a wedding the feeling of the day. Anyone can take photos of what the day looked like, but to look at the photos later and still be able to remember how you felt that a gift. One that you possess and have recognized, and for that you are blessed! He will be our photographer for life; he was there when it began and will be there for all our special moments!"

_Crystal Dickerson Corr

Charles Bordner, also known as The Storyteller, is a Highlands, NC wedding photographer whose creative photojournalistic style has received national recognition. His pure and natural documentation of couples as well as their surroundings has dubbed him the "Nicholas Sparks of Wedding Photography".

The Storyteller

The Storyteller